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Certified Health Coach, Tracy Beck

I became a health coach after experiencing the benefits of the BEMER. I wanted to understand better how we personally can impact our own health. I have a strong desire to feel good and healthy for many years to come.  I love the Dr.Sears Program of the 4 pillars of health and along with the daily use of the BEMER, it has changed my life! I am grateful for the opportunity to share this knowledge with you!
Independent BEMER Distributor, Jeff Beck

I am a Certified Independent BEMER Distributor, Public Speaker, Writer, and a Business Owner.  The BEMER has done a lot for me personally from a health perspective, but surprisingly, it did something bigger.  Once I saw how well it worked for me, and for my family, my eyes were opened to all the people around me who also needed it. Owning the BEMER has helped me to find my purpose.  The BEMER took me out of my own head and made me aware of what was happening in other people's lives.  Amazing how I could know so many people, for so long, and miss out on the discomfort they were experiencing.  Now I'm not only aware of it, but I'm eager to help.  If I can ever help you, or anyone you know, please reach out to me.

Tracy's Story

I’m a mom of 3 girls and married to an awesome man for 20 + years.  I have struggled with health issues since I was 19 years-old.  I have looked for answers and solutions along the way.  Oftentimes with frustration and disappointment.

    Through my journey, I have learned much about how our bodies work and what we can do in our personal lives to help us overcome the health challenges of our day.

  After being introduced to a product that had an amazing impact on the function of the circulatory system, I wanted to understand its purpose and benefits.  The more I learned the more I wanted to know.  This led me to my health coach certification. 

  I was amazed by the help I and others were experiencing.  I want to share this knowledge and product with as many people as possible.  Life is challenging for everyone, but I hope to share some great tools, that make overcoming our challenges possible and with more hope and confidence.


Jeff & Tracy Beck

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